A cruise with the La Polonia yacht

Do you love sailing? Do you value the time spent offshore? Find out how the cruise on the La Polonia is going on and create similar conditions on your yacht.

There is no doubt that the La Polonia yacht can be a role model for all those who plan to invest in this type of transport. It is a yacht built in 1999, which was completely renovated in 2014. Today it is the property of a Polish millionaire, and the value of the La Polonia yacht is estimated at 6 million PLN.

La Polonia yacht
La Polonia yacht

There are 5 luxurious cabins on board of the La Polonia yacht, two of which are VIP cabins and one is a comfortable lounge. On the yacht there is also a kitchen, TV room, bar and hot tube. The La Polonia yacht is adapted for both day trips and few-week holidays. On board can sleep up to 10 people. The 7-person crew takes care of their safety and full comfort of sailing. They are pros with the necessary qualifications that look not only after the technical or organizational aspects. They also prepare and serve exquisite lunches and dinners, suggest sophisticated drinks. The service tries to satisfy the needs of even the most demanding guests. All this to make the cruise in full comfort, maintaining the highest quality standards for offshore traveling.

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If you are planning yacht holidays or even a one-day trip, choose yachts that will provide you with the same high quality of travel as the La Polonia yacht.

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