Spending free time offshore

More and more people are trying to relax away from the hustle and bustle of the city. In times of a constant hurry and struggle with chronic stress, it seems to be the optimal option to organize a rest in the bosom of nature, in peace and quiet. One of the popular forms of relaxation for those most demanding is a luxury yacht cruise. On its board you can spend few-week holidays or take a one-day trip.

La Polonia yacht Stewardess
La Polonia yacht – crew

There is no doubt that being offshore allows you to “charge your batteries”. The sound of the sea, unearthly views, and the soothing rocking are just some of the advantages that travelers can count on. If we add luxury to this, which prevails on the best yachts, it turns out that it is entertainment at the highest level.

la polonia yacht

An example might be sailing on the La Polonia yacht. It is a yacht worth 6 million PLN, which is in the hands of a Polish millionaire. There are 5 comfortable cabins on board, including two VIP cabins. In addition, there is a lounge, kitchen, TV room, bar and hot tube. The equipment of the La Polonia yacht is extremely exclusive, but the fully comfort of spending free time on it gives also the 7-person crew. The staff takes care of all guests’ needs, ensures order on board, a full security, all technical and organizational issues. The crew also serves food or drinks. You admit that with such service, even a few hours spent on a yacht, such as the La Polonia yacht, give you a great opportunity to relax and spend your free time in the most attractive way.

They wrote about La Polonia yacht: http://mroczny.pl/statki-i-yachty-w-filmach-la-polonia-yacht/

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