The crew of the La Polonia yacht

On a luxury yacht, the service must also be at the highest level. After all, traveling offshore should not be only in full comfort, but also with the highest safety standards. A great example is the La Polonia yacht, which meets all the expectations of even the most demanding guests.

There are 5 cabins on the La Polonia yacht, including 2 VIP cabins and a lounge. On board can sleep up to 10 guests. For this number of guests on board of this luxury yacht is constantly working 7 people of the crew. This is a team with special skills and the highest qualifications. They prepare and serve meals and sophisticated drinks, they also care about cleanliness on board of the yacht and meet all the needs of the guests. Importantly, the crew deals with all organizational and technical issues, takes care of the highest safety of the participants of the cruise, so that they can concentrate on leisure only.

la polonia yacht
La Polonia yacht and the Crew

Interestingly, the La Polonia yacht is suitable for sailing as part of short trips, for example when organizing business meetings, but also for trips that last several weeks. Regardless of the time spent on board, the crew is always ready to provide the guests with the highest sailing standard.

If you want to rent a yacht, always pay attention to the quality that is offered on board. Remember that this is not only equipment, but above all, employees who will allow you spending some time away from land in full comfort.

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