Traveling with the La Polonia yacht

The car, train, plane, bus are not the only means of transport that we can use today. We often forget about the sea route, and yet it is one of the oldest methods of movement. It must be admitted that cruises on a ship are nowadays only a tourist attraction, less a practical way of traveling.

la polonia yacht crew

And with the use of luxury yachts, traveling offshore can take place in really full comfort. The proof for this can be the La Polonia yacht. This yacht was built in 1999, which in 2014 underwent a major renovation, and today it is the property of a Polish millionaire. This is a yacht with 5 luxuriously equipped cabins, two of which are VIP cabins. There is also an impressive lounge, TV room, kitchen with a bar and a spa area with a hot tube. The deck is lined with the highest quality teak wood.

The 7-person crew with the necessary qualifications takes care of the safety on the La Polonia yacht. They meet all the guests’ desires, they perform all technical and organizational tasks. They serve meals, make sophisticated drinks, take care of the cleanliness on board, try to ensure that guests have everything they need, and the whole trip is an opportunity for a fully relaxation.

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Yachts, such as the La Polonia yacht, can be rented according to individual needs. Maybe this is an option to spend holidays offshore? Or at least a one-day trip? Get on your courage and sail out into the wide.

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